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Plugin Spotlight: ACF

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) is a must have plugin for any Word Press developer. This plugin gives you the ability to easily create custom fields for your posts/users/settings/ect.

This was one of the first plugins I bought (after using it on one site) and have never looked back.


This plugin is installed on every Word Press project that I do from the get go.

While the ability to programmatically  add in your own fields with the add_post_meta() function exists with Word Press. ACF speeds up the process with a simple to use interface and every type of post meta you’ll ever need.

The only thing it is currently lacking in is more advanced conditionals for the meta types, however the plugin is active within the community and development team that I expect this will be amended in no time.


For only $100 AUD once off for the developer copy you get the pro version of this plugin on unlimited sites with full support.