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Capes and Tights

Comic book lovers take on the photography and videography world while probably not wearing either Capes or Tights.

Capes and Tights is a photography/videography business focusing on Weddings and Family shoots with a bit of travel and rock climbing thrown in there.

While the name has very little to do with any of the things that the business is for it is something that reflects on the personality of the two owners who have more often then not been a little too obsessed with comics.

Designing the site

When designing this site I knew it had to be simple and clean putting my love of bright outrageous colours at the door. The main feature needed to be the photography and videography so you’ll naturally want the eyes drawn there.

I used a simple grid system for the featured posts and a large card system for the archive, all behind a grey washed image background.

The logo is thick font, teal, and with a bit of dirt noise in there as well.

Developing the site

The site was bulit in Word Press mostly due to the fact that both owners were familiar around the CMS.

Back end wise it is a very simple blog like set up with customized fields for the home page. Most of the development work is all front end based.

Customized post loops, social media calls, and video playing features were the main focus.

Wrapping Up

While the site was easy to build designing it was hard, I think designing for yourself is always the hardest because you are always second guessing your choices.

Both Jenny and I are happy with the final outcome and hope to post there a lot more soon.